Everything About Ramen: Reviews, Noodle News, Articles, DIY Recipes

Ramen is life

Life without ramen is sad and incomplete. So we decided to make a blog about all things ramen. We review restaurants and dishes, post articles (A.K.A Noodle News), and share our experiences with DIY recipes. Basically, we eat a lot of ramen and think you should too!

Who are these ramen loving freaks?



Jenna Gabriel is a New Yorker who, when she isn't day dreaming about ramen, she's producing things for film and TV. She is absolutely terrible at using chopsticks properly, but gets the job done. Her go to ramen order: Tonkotsu with thick noodles, extra corn and scallions.



Ryan Hayward grew up as a nomad, and currently calls New York home. When he's not slurping noodles he's editing stuff for TV. He's a quarter Japanese and has been using chopsticks since he can remember. His go to ramen order: Spicy shoyu with wavy noodles.