The Broth Zone: Pai Men Miyake

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The Broth Zone
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The Broth Zone is a highly secret and extremely exclusive sub-blog where impeccably trained field reporters, Mitchell and Lindsay, travel to the most exotic and remote places on the planet to seek out unknown and dangerous ramen.

This time, we visit the far-flung land of Portland, Maine to visit Pai Men Miyake.

Our Rating out of 5

  • Overall 4.25*

  • Broth: 4

  • Noodles 4.5

  • Toppings: 3.75*


  • Here in The Broth Zone, we ACTUALLY average the ratings of each reviewer instead of ignoring ratings we disagree with, JENNA. 
  • * You'll notice this rating has a more granular system - numbers work differently in the broth zone. Scientists can't explain it. 



The first Ramen listed on the menu is the paitan, which, as it turns out, is the way to go. The main attraction is the delicious broth, a mixture of chicken and pork, which has excellent depth of flavor and an almost creamy quality. The noodles are among the best we’ve had. Pai Men Miyake seems to have only one kind of noodle, which are on the thicker, wavier side. The toppings were unfortunately a weak point, with the pickled ginger being too strong and the pork belly being too dry. However, the scallions and egg were on point. Definitely the best of the two we got. 


Next is the Shoyu Ramen, which is not as great but still enjoyable. The chicken and soy broth is the weakest point, a bit thin on texture and flavor. The toppings, though, make this one work. The scallions, egg and menma add to the flavor of the dish. Plus, the noodles are so good!

We also got pork buns, which were dope.

Overall recommendation: Visit Portland! It’s amazing and you can find really tasty food there. Little known fact, in addition to ramen, they also have lobster and beer!



Pai Men Miyake Address:

188 State St. Portland, ME 04101


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