Whatup BK! This week we went to Brooklyn to slurp some noodles. For stop #4 on the Great New York Ramen Tour, we went to Chuko in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

Here is our rating out of 5:

  • Overall: 4.5

  • Broth: 4

  • Noodles: 4.5

  • Toppings: 4

Because of Ryan's and my work schedule, and the fact that we live in Queens, sometimes it is hard to get to Brooklyn after work. Since we went on Saturday, this was the perfect time to hit it up Chuko. It's a well known ramen place in Brooklyn that was a no-brainer for the Great New York Ramen Tour. And, just as we suspected, it did not disappoint!

Unfortunately one of our trusted ramen reviewers could not make it (Damn grad school applications!) so we were a group of 4 this time. We were expecting a wait so we arrived a little earlier than we would normally for lunch, and it was the perfect time. We got a table immediately. It is possible that it had to do with the fact that it had snowed that morning. We sat at a table where you can see the kitchen, which I always love, and were ready to chow down.

Miso Ramen

Usually, I am a classic pork broth kinda girl, but I decided to give the Miso Ramen a go. Sometimes Miso Ramen has the issue of either being A. Too Salty or B. Too thick (or both). It was neither too thick nor too salty and had a perfect amount of complexity that didn't seem full of itself (if that is possible for a soup that can't speak) and was 100% slurpable (very important in soup). My first bite, I was taken a little aback because they used fish flakes in the broth that made it taste fishy, but apparently I was alone in that as no one else felt this way. In all fairness, I did have a little bit of a stuffed nose so that could have contributed to the confused taste. This Miso broth was really excellent and really grew on me. I added some of the chili garlic oil which was a perfect addition and I even considered buying a to-go container of the oil (which apparently is something you can do...) Either way, I wish I could still be eating that broth right now, days later. In addition, the toppings were amazing. They were so fresh and flavorful. The chashu pork was LIT and melted in your mouth (that's right...lit). The egg was perfectly runny and flowed into the soup and on-top of the delicious wavy noodles (supplied by Sun Noodles - my fave). The noodles were cooked perfectly and were the right amount of chewiness. I honestly feel like lately we have become the new spokespeople for Sun Noodles (hey sun noodles - what up! *hint*) but we aren't bullshitting you. These noodles just really added to the bowl and I think they were a critical part. It is funny how the shape of a noodle can really change the taste of the soup. Who ever had the bright idea to have different noodles for ramen should be given an f-ing nobel prize. Genius status.

Soy Ramen

Ryan decided to go with the Soy ramen with added garlic chili oil (duh!). Soy ramens usually have a very light broth and that sometimes risks losing that flavor boost that you want in ramen broth. Not here though. The broth was very light but not at all watery with the perfect amount of salt. Just like in the Miso Ramen, the added garlic chili oil really elevated the dish and brought that extra kick that we all need. Also, just like in the Miso ramen, the pork was delicious. It had the perfect fat to meat ratio with great thickness. Nailed it! The other toppings were very typical. Bamboo shoots and scallions. The usual. Nothing more really to report there. This was the same with the Miso Ramen. The one thing that differed from these 2 ramens was the egg. Both Ryan and I got a soft boiled egg but Ryans' was a little undercooked. To me, I am fine with a little bit of a runny egg-white because I have a death wish, but if something like that really bothers you, I would definitely go with the "hard boiled". When I went to the bathroom, I naturally was scoping out all of the other bowls on the way. I did see some "hard boiled" eggs and they were definitely not hard boiled-hard boiled. The yolk was a little runny and the egg whites were hard - like an egg you would normally get at a ramen joint. Either way, if you are very conscious of this sort of thing, maybe stick to the "hard boiled". But, if you are like me, do it up people. You only live once.

Long story short, definitely hit this place up. It is right next to the Barclays center, so right after you see the Nets get pummeled or see that band that you were listening to before anyone else, check this place out. In addition, I didn't order it, because I am a true ramen believer, but if you are a vegetarian, they also have a highly-rated veggie ramen that I hear is fantastic. So if that is something that floats your boat - do it up.


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Chuko Address:

565 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238


is a New Yorker who, when she isn't day dreaming about ramen, works as a producer for film and TV. She is absolutely terrible at using chopsticks properly, but gets the job done. Her go to ramen order: Tonkotsu with thick noodles, extra corn and scallions.